Aluminum packing machine, Automatic coiler

Automatic aluminum film applicator and bag packing line video



Automatic aluminum film applicator and bag packing line video

The videos show the packaging process for the aluminum profiles. It comes out from the extruder line. and moving into the wrapping sation.

When the aluminum profile arrived the tranfer table conveyoer that will move the profiles 90 degree for feeding into the film tapping staiton.

The aluminum profile will be picking up one by one and entering into the automatic protective film applicator. The applicator is able automatic checking and cutting the film per profile length. The film tapping application can be done in 1/2/3/4 size or size irrugular shape too.

After automatica cutting, the profile move out the applicator and transfer to the conveyor table.

Manually checking the bundle making the aluminum pofile into small bunle with film bindling.

The sub bundle of the aluminum profile will be filling into the bag by semiauto bagging machine. The semiauto mean’s the bag choosing and profile feeding to the mouth of the bag by manually. The filling is automatically.

After bagging for sub bundel aluminum profile, which will be gathering on the stacking table PER layer.

Automatic aluminum profile bundle making into bakset automatically per fork arms type stacking machine.

Layer by layer stacking with the coopeation of the stacking positoin.

Move out the basket when it full by forklifter.

The packing line saves labor and improving the packing speed greatly.