Automatic coiler

The video of the stacking machine for coil by robot



Robot coil stackking machine connects to the  end of the coil packing line for stacking the coil one by one.

1. The handling speed is fast that allow one robot service for four pallet stations.

2.The robot movment is procisily in the coil packing up position and stacking positon.

3. The clamper can be designed with different from in lifting the coil which can be fork arms, megnet, vacuum…

4. The Max. loading can be desiged per differernt coil specification.

5. The handling sped is upto 10 sec per coil.

6. The robot with PLC control system that is flexiable in the program changing for another application.

7. The Max.Loading and Height of the stacking is vary from the goal.

8. Reliable and easy handling for operation and maintainment.