Automatic pipe coiling and wrapping machinery&hose coiler

The automatic Coiler machine is a cutting-edge piece of equipment designed to streamline pipe coiling operations. This machine can automatically perform various operations such as pipe cutting, coiling, and fixed pipe ring energy by calculating the length of the pipe. These automated processes can all be set in advance in the machine’s PLC control program, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the coiling process.

The machine’s specifications include the number of available packing materials such as LLDPE, PE, and PVC, with a coil inner diameter ranging from 100-300mm and outer diameter from 300-400mm. The maximum width of the coil is 200mm, with a weight range of 20-80kg. The main wrapping speed can be adjusted to high or low settings, with a range of 18-35 seconds per piece. The machine’s maximum ring speed is 100 revolutions per minute, providing fast and efficient coiling.

The machine is powered by 380V 60Hz 3-phase electricity and is designed for high reliability and low maintenance. The machine’s automated processes reduce the need for manual labor, minimizing errors and increasing productivity. The automatic Coiler machine is a valuable investment for companies in need of efficient and precise pipe coiling operations.

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