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FHOPE-H Series: Panel wrapping machine
                                                          PANEL FILM WRAPPING

                                                                    Wrapping Solution for the board, PVC door, Panel...            


Description of panel wrapping machine:

Panel packaging machine is mainly used for panel profiles, doors, Windows and other packaging.The packing efficiency of the machine is high and the packing surface is beautiful, thus saving the cost of labor and materials.

Can be designed according to user requirements, according to the different length of the panel, width and weight of the machine design.


Features of panel wrapping machine:

1. Automatic operation, can be connected with the production line.

2. Such as PE film, LLDPE, PVC film...

3. Manual / automatic 2 working modes for easily operation.

4. Converters adopted to adjust speed of the ring and rollers.

5. Overlap can be from 20%-90%.

6. Packaging tension be adjustable by special breakers.

7. Central positioning function.

8. Indicator alarms automatically when trouble occurs.

9. Material cutting and feeding for automatically operation.


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