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FPC Series: Copper coil wrapper

 FPC series copper coil wrapper is  mainly used to copper packaging. It also named copper wire wrapping machinery, copper coil packing machinery, cable coil wrapping machinery, horizontal steel coil packing machine... which is with highly efficiency and nice packaging for saving labor and material cost.


1. Horizontal wrapping method .

2. PLC & HMI for operation control

3. Conveyor for moving the coil.

4. Online operation and off line operation.

5. Indicator alarms automatically upon trouble occurrence, the red lamp will be flicker and error will be displayed on the control panel automatically.

6. PLC control system, intelligent operation by imputing objects OD,ID & width, then calculate the tape length, wrapping layers and cutting time automatically.

7. Particular tension control system is adopted, could regulated the overlap degree and material firmness effectively & precisely.

8. Flexible slide board structure, adjust the ring height automatically or by manual in accordance with different OD & ID of package coil.

9. Friction wheels cover with anti-wear polyurethane, ring made with whole mould structure.

10. Carrier roller and protective roller wrapped with wear-resisting rubber.

11. Synchronous wrapping (two kinds of wrapping materials working together in one packing process) is feasible.


Note: Can be designed according your specification.




  FPC-200 FPC-300 FPC-400
Voltage (V/Hz) AC 380/50( or your requirement)
Power (KW) 1.5 1.8 2.5
Steel coil ID(mm) 150-300 300-600 300-900
Steel coil OD(mm) 200-400 600-1000 700-1200
Steel coil width(mm) 20-200 20-200 50-300
Steel coil Weight(Kg) 5-20 20-200 100-500
Packing material PE/Stretch film/knit belt/VCI paper
Ring speed(r/min) 30-90 30-90 30-70
Wrapping speed 20-35sec/pcs 30-45sec/pcs 40-50sec/pce
Overlapping rate 20-90%
 Our Copper coil packing items are actually designed to improve the packaging effectiveness of coil wrapping processes. Our team personnel of experience and competent application to making understands how to provide the finest machine and multitude of production processes. Our company offers assistance to individuals need which try out get the very best package deal to repair their symptom in wrapping procedure.


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