Steel tube packaging line and strapping machine

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Steel tube packaging line/ steel tube bundling and strapping machine

It works for bundling and strapping for the steel tube, steel pipe

Various styles of pipe packaging are available such as round, square and rectangular tube with hexagon or square size. Automatic or manual wrapping and strapping options are available. We also offer automatic counting device, layer lifter,. Automatic conveyors are used to accumulate strapped and wrapped bundles for pick up by fork truck or overhead crane

Automatic packing line for steel pipe and tube with bundling and handling system by magnet stacking devices. The layout and packing area can be designed per special requirement.

A–For Steel pipes/tube packaging

tube packaging line
tube strapping machine
steel tube packing machine
Steel pipe tube bundle machine 


Automatic steel tube bundling and strapping lines for automatic tube counting, aligning, bundle making… It is work for shape of Hexagon, square, triangle, trapezoid bundle requirement. Fhopepack produce different function of  packing lines based on the specification.

Steel tube strapping machine 


It is automatic steel strapping machine connect to tube bundling machine with tension Force 15,572 – 19,576 N. Automatic Control Mode for pre-set program strapping. Strapping process for bundle Shape Hexagon, square, triangle, trapezoid…

Tube packing machine 


Automatic steel tube bagging machine is able filling the tube into bag. The packing speed is upto 70m per min. with POF/OPP film. It can be connected with tube feeding system for online tube bag packing.


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