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Shrink machine is the best packing choice for toys. The volume, structure, design, weight, and other characteristics of the toy determine its packaging method must be cautious and strict. The shrinking machine provided by FHOPE can meet the toy manufactures' requirements for the following machine characteristics.Compact shrink machine design, high speed and effective, more profits than traditional

Toy shrink wrap machine | Toy packing | Film wrap




Everyone ever had toys, is having toys or about to have toys. Toys have great business fortune all the time, so it is especially important for toy packaging. Each toy should be packed by shrink wrapped to become more attractive. Shrink packaging is the best packaging performance in all packages, especially for marketing.Toy shrinking wrap machine is compact and equipped with conveyors hence its high speed shrinking, effective and labor-saving, which is Ideal for mass-produced and purchased products like toys.

This shrink machine has several heat cutters with alloyed material to make sure the packing material be cut cleanly without sticking the knife for a long time. Also, more conveyors are available for customer's real production needs, like feed-in conveyor, transition conveyor and feed-out conveyor. Feed-out coveyor is optional for storage function to facilitate the subsequent packaging of workers.

Therefore, toy shrink machine plays the role of customers from the production line to the shrinkage and manual packing and palletizing at the back end, which effectively ensures the rapid production and product circulation of the entire workshop.
FHOPE provides customers qualified toy shrink wrap machine with above described excellent features.


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