Mold flipper table



Providing mold flipper for handling the mould in the procession.

The mold flipper features:

● install the pressure maintaining valve, and the control system adopts 24V safety voltage to ensure the operation safety of employees.

● in case of equipment failure, the control panel will display failure with warning light.

The rotating part is self-lubricating with graphite inlaid, and there are oil filling holes at the bearing.

● the machine needs to be placed into a pit, and the specific foundation drawing shall be provided along with machine.

The material of snake belly is lined with three anti cloth and supported by PVC plate.

Mold flipper table

steel structure of mould filpper upender:

The fuselage adopts Q235 high-quality all steel welding structure, with sufficient strength and rigidity. 10-20 mm thick high-quality medium plate is used for turning table and body.

The idler and shaft are made of 45 × round steel by lathe finishing and high temperature quenching. It has high strength.