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Door wrapping machinery


      door stretch wrapping machine

          Door Wrapping Machinery



--High efficiency

Fhope door wrapping machine can utilize orbital wrapping and spiral wrapping, which provides high packing efficiency.

--Adjustable package range

Ideal for straight object applications, adjustable packing width keep which makes machine for big range of packaging.

--Automatic material cut-off and re-feed options

Door wrapping machinery can be equipped with our packing material automatic cut-off and re-feed option which automatically cutting, feeding and continues packing step without operator intervention.



The door wrapping machine shall be mounted on flat & hard ground, where the ground load should be more than 1 ton/m2.



 1. Place the product onto the in-feed conveyor and/or slide table

 2. Move the product into the wrapping position automatically

 3. The press down device presses the board automatically

 4. Feeding the material by operator

 5. Press the “Ring Start” bottom for wrapping

 6. After the reinforcing wraps are applied to the front edge of the product turn on the conveyors or slide

product though the wrapper place the reinforcing wraps to the tail end of the product automatically.

7. The operator will now cut and secure the film. Turn on the conveyor for unloading the packed board. End of cycle



Board Wrapping Station:
l Double-ring & double-rub wheel devices make working more safe stable & energetic.
l Friction between driving wheels and ring is adjustable.
l Speed of the ring is adjustable by inverter.
l Soft start and start.
l Wrapping position reset.
l Packing material tension could be adjusted.
l Widely packing material adopted by material frame.
l Protect guardrail for safety operation.
l Overlapping is adjustable from 10%-90%

     Object size:   Length:>1500mm      Width: 800-1200mm
                          Height: 400-800mm    Weight:2000kg
     Conveyor Speed:   4~13m/min
     Ring speed:   10-60r/min
     Power output:   about 2.5kw
     Power voltage:  AC 380v,60Hz,3Phase
     Control Power voltage: ADC24V
     In-feed conveyor: 1500mm x1600mm x800mm
     Outlet conveyor: 1500mmx1600mm x800mm
     Material: LLDPE stretch film/PE film/PVC
     Width: 200-300mm OD: 100-250mm ID: 50mm
     Structure size


     Door Wrapping Machine_FHOPE-H1200

Door wrapping machine is another efficiency packing solution for door industry, the packing material is LLDPE stretch film.



Door Spiral Orbital Wrapper

Well protect the good from transport damage. Reduce  Material and Save Packing costs, no limited length wrapping


Door packaging information:

1. The tips need to know about horizontal stretch wrapper for door package


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