Wrapping Bundling and packing for the aluminum, pipe



This automated bundling and packaging solution can help create uniform packs of products while reducing manual labor costs. The system consists of multiple machines integrated by a conveyor system to streamline the process from start to finish.

The bundle forming machine gathers individual products and arranges them into layers to create bundles of the desired size. This machine ensures consistency in bundle size and shape to simplify downstream tasks.

An automatic film wrapping unit then covers the head and tail of each bundle with protective plastic film to seal in freshness and prevent damage during transport. The film wrapping is performed precisely and uniformly for all packs coming off the production line.

An automatic bundle wrapping machine then wraps large paper, plastic film or stretch film around the pre-formed bundles to hold them together for shipping. The wrapper controls film tension and placement to create secure, robust wrappings around the bundles.

Finally, a large bundle packaging unit packages multiple smaller bundles into bigger shipping bundles. This unit groups and wraps multiple regular-size packs into the larger shippable units needed for warehouse storage and logistics.

This fully automated packing line integrates multiple bundling and wrapping machines connected by a conveyor system. The technology ensures uniformity and consistency in bundle size, packaging and wrapping for all products going through the line. By performing repetitive tasks like bundle forming and wrapping, the system reduces the labor needs for these processes.


It works for : aluminum profile bundle, plastic pipe bundle, steel tube bundle



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