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General Safety Rules in Strapping


You are fully responsible to review the joints made by your tool. Become familiar with the seal
control and seal adjustment described in this operation manual.
Misformed joints may not secure the load and could cause serious injury. Never handle or ship any load
with improperly formed joints.
2 Dispensing strap
Only dispense strap from a dispenser specifically designed for strap.
Tuck strap end back into dispenser when not in use.
3 Strap warnings
Never use strap as a means of pulling or lifting loads. Failure to follow these warnings can result in
severe personal injury.
4 Strap breakage hazard
Improper operation of the tool, excessive tensioning, using strap not recommended for this tool or sharp
corners on the load can result in a sudden loss of strap tension or in strap breakage during tensioning,
which could result in the following:
A sudden loss of balance causing you to fall.
Both tool and strap flying violently towards your face.
Note as follows:
If the load corners are sharp, use edge protectors.
Place the strap correctly around a properly positioned load.
Positioning yourself in-line with the strap, during tensioning and sealing, can result in severe
personal injury from flying strap or tool. When tensioning or sealing, position yourself to one
side of the strap and keep all bystanders away.
Use the correct strap quality, strap width, strap gauge and strap tensile strength
recommended in this manual for your tool. Using strap not recommended for this tool can result in
strap breakage during tensioning.
5 Cutting tensioned strap
When cutting strapping, use the proper strapping cutter and keep other personnel and yourself at a
safe distance from the strap. Always stand to side of the strap, away from the direction the loosened
strap end will fly. Use only cutters designed for strap and never hammers, pliers, hacksaws, axes, etc.
6 Environment protection
Do not dispose of used packing material in the household refuse, water or by burning them.