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orbital stretch wrapper price

Fhope packaging machines are optimized for high production speeds and low operating costs. Our state-of-the-art technology includes a gravity roller in place of a power feeding/discharging conveyor, while a frequency converter controls the conveyor and rotating ring. Our machines also utilize photocell control for start and end cycles, and feature automatic film cutting and sealing capabilities. A

orbital stretch wrapper price


orbital stretch wrapper price

The price is one of most interest information required in orbital stretch wrapper enquiry email.


The price of the machine made by following parts:


1. The size of the wrapping station that is vary from OD:400-4000mm per different package

2. The conveyor of the wrapper: The price depends on the Max.Loading, driving way, convyoer length...

3. Control system: semiauto or automatic, and the brand of the electric parts.

4. Safety device, such as fence, interlock, light beam...

5. special device.


So the price of the machine vary from the package info and packaging goal.

a. package size: L x W x h

b. weight

c. packaging requirement


Contact with our team for the solution of the horizontal orbital wrapper with good price.


Power feeding/discharging conveyor is replaced by gravity roller, and frequency converter controls conveyor and rotating ring. Photocell control start and end cycle photocell control. The machine has the function of automatic film cutting and sealing. When packing light items on the top, the roller assists in automatic adjustment.

orbital stretch wrapper price

orbital stretch wrapper price


Machine shape:





Pre-Sales Service

* Inquiry and technical consulting support. 
* Sample testing support. 
* Study travel to your Factory and know your need.
* Solution drawing per specification
* Our factory visiting.

After-Sales Service

* Installation & commissioning with training how to instal the packaging machine, training how to use the machine. 
* Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
* Online technical support.
* Modification service                                                   




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