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Yellow Jacket Orbital Stretch Wrappers

the semiautomatic series, are equipped of belt conveyors or rollers motorized, photocell of survey of the product, vertical pressure pneumatic in order to stabilize the product during the winding and 8 banding programs.

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Technical Data

Technical properties:
The rotating steel component has high bearing capacity and is driven by the pulley to drive the belt.
Spool bracket and gear roller mechanically adjustable clutch.
The unit that hooks, clamps, and cuts.
Variable number of programmable terminals on the head and tail of the product
Ring speed variable
Conveyor speed variable
Photovoltaic cells are used to detect the start and stop of the packaging cycle
Power supply voltage 220V 50-60Hz single phase
Air pressure during exercise: 6/7 bar
The programmable terminal is used to set various parameters and select 8 different strip types.
Fully automatic spiral winding cycle
Manually adjustable large conveyor
Vertical pneumatic pressure unit with free roll feed and discharge.
Yellow Jacket Orbital Stretch Wrappers

Fhope packaging machines have the highest production speed and lowest operating costs. 

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Pre-Sales Service

* Inquiry and technical consulting support. 
* Sample testing support. 
* Study travel to your Factory and know your need.
* Solution drawing per specification
* Our factory visiting.

After-Sales Service

* Installation & commissioning with training how to instal the packaging machine, training how to use the machine. 
* Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
* Online technical support.
* Modification service                                                   




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