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A professional supplier for Coil packing machine, wire packing machine,

pipe packing machine, hose packing machine, pallet wrapping machine,

door packing machine...


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About us

Fhope is a professional supplier to provide stretch wrapping/packing solution. the hallmark of success for Fhope owns ability to special designs according client’s specification in the industry. The company’s ongoing commitment is to provide innovative long-term solutions that allow coil processors to meet end user needs by consistently producing high-quality, and money save packaging. The main products include coil packing machine, straight object packing machine, wrapping machine, shrink wrapper, shrink machine, stretch wrapping machine, packaging material, coil tilter etc. No matter what kind of coil object or straight object, we can make Fhope production solutions work for you from heavy steel coil packaging to light hose packaging, we stand ready with innovative engineered technology.


Besides the packing machine, Fhope providing packing materials for our customer. A new investment  for stretch film, stretch hood film, PVC film ...put into production in commission at 2016.01.01. So that it makes us able to offering both material and machine solution by one station purchasing.