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plastic filaments coiling and packing machine

This is an automatic plastic filament coiling and strapping machine: It includes the winding parts, coiling parts, holder part and atuomatic strapping machine parts that develped and modified base on stardard coiling and strapping machine. The plastic filaments can be infeeding from the production line or it can be infeeding by jumbo reel.Coiling and strapping machine: adjust the height of the coiling head, and call the material number data of corresponding specifications.
Technical Parameters:
Plastic Filament Coil size ID: 140-200mm
OD: 240-400mm
Height : 60-100mm
Weight: 50kg(max)
Diameter 1.5-8mm
Coiling speed 1-2 coil/min
Air supply 6bar
Coil moving mode Moving by shifting holder
Meter counter 0.01m-600m
Power voltage AC 380V, 50HZ, 3 phase

Adjust the size of the arm holder and tighten the adjustment nut.After the strap is on position or eliminate the bent belt in the movement,After normal, switch to linkage automatic state will be turned on
Strap tightening force:The strap tightening force can be adjusted,the higher the setting value is,the greater the tightening force will be. The set value shall not exceed 50% in general.
Heating frequency of strapping:Set the temperature of the taping head, the smaller the set value, the higher the temperature of the taping head. Length correction: correction method: if the length100 meters for per coil, input 100 meters in the set length first, input 100 meters in the actual length temporarily, then measure the length of 100 meters, input the measured length into the actual length, confirm input, multiple corrections are required for accurate length.plastic filaments coiling and packing machine



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