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Now, The inverter is the basic equipment to rotate the pallet for replacing damaged pallets at the bottom of a palletized load or exchanging the pallet. Fhope Group is the leading pallet inverter manufacturer in China. Our team providing services in pallet handling equipment for many companies in many different industries for more than 10+ years. Our expertise covers not only the pallet inverter but also all components and all components of large and small pallet recycling systems.

1. Providing ODM service

The first step: Conceptual design


Communicate with customers first and decide to define projects and design specifications. Set up a project team to realize the preliminary idea of development to meet the customer's goals and minimize the risks and costs. Prototyping and development testing is conducted to determine the process or product-related data needed to provide robust engineering solutions. Before starting the detailed design stage, review the design and get the customer's approval.


Step two: Detailing


In the detailed design stage, conceptual design is transformed into a series of development programs. The control strategy, wiring diagram and operator interface are designed. Analyze the faults and impacts in the operation process, which can be implemented to point-to-point rectification. Create drawings for mechanical and electrical components. After customer review, the engineering department will issue drawings, and the factory will start manufacturing and assembly.


Step three: Build and test


Components built from the project are processed, ordered, or modified according to approved printouts. All materials and equipment of the building are stored in designated areas. An experienced person in charge of machine manufacturing shall check the parts, and check the suitability and functionality. Once the mechanical components are assembled, the control team connects the electrical control panel, sensors and motors. Each area has a whiteboard, which contains the scope, schedule and details of the construction to ensure that the project is completed within the expected time. Electromechanical debugging precedes the loading of control software, and the machine is officially put into use. After the factory acceptance test (FAT) is completed, the test results and information are always associated with customers.

The fourth step: Delivery and installation.


After testing all aspects of the machine according to project specifications, safety regulations and legal standards, the final product will be safely delivered to the customer, and on-site teaching will be provided on the Internet. The purpose of the site acceptance test (SAT) is to finally confirm that the operation of the machine is the same as the design. Technical documents are delivered with the machine and can be used to train production and maintenance personnel.

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2. Different version’s pallet inverter

a. Stationary Pallet Inverter

180° Pallet Inverter forms a natural element in any pallet-less loading system. By inverting the product 180 degrees, you can retain your own pallets in-house and load containers in double-quick time. An ideal system for the product which will be hand-balled out at its destination.

Pallet inverter - C series is a specially designed series for specific operations. The platform can lower to the ground and workers are able to load without forklift. This modification makes our pallet inverter more flexible than the usual ones. It’s very suitable for operation in small factories or warehouses where have limited access to big equipment.

Pallet Inverter

b. Mobile Pallet Changer

The Mobile Pallet changer is an integrated type of equipment that combines forklift and pallet inverter to one machine. It's convenient equipment for use in limited spaces and suitable for various industries. It helps the operator handle the pallet load safely and efficiently in tiltering and rotating. It is able to transport the load between workstations.

c. Pallet Changer

The Fhope Pallet Exchanger is practical equipment used in the warehouse and frozen food industry. Using this machine, the product can be loaded by forklift or pallet truck. It is designed for easy handling the blocking stacked cartons and frozen food boxes while changing the pallet.

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In the frozen food industry, freezer spacers are used to separate cartons when freezing them. But they usually stick to the cartons when they froze. This pallet exchanger turns the whole load 95°, we also designed a skate table for leaving space for the operation. We also can add a motor to the skate table for shaking the load and making the freezer spacer fall apart from the cartons. This makes it become much easier for the freezer spacer removal as well as changing the pallet.

Upgraded design based on Fhope 95 degree pallet exchanger. Loading and changing the pallet only with a pallet truck on floor level, suitable for occasions with no loading equipment such as forklift. It is able to lift the pallet and down ending 90 degrees. The machine helps to simplify the pallet exchanging process. Steady and smooth stroke has the strength for tilting frangible goods such as glass bottles and ceramics.The unique design takes less space for operation, avoiding need for floor expansion. Fhope team works with you for finding the best machine that meets your layout and handling requirements in limited space for different workpieces and machining.

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3. Customized pallet inverter manufacturing

Fhope has provided high-quality services and customized machinery for many companies in many different industries for many years. Our expertise covers not only the pallet inverter but also all components and all components of large and small pallet recycling systems. The application varies from industry to industry, and most of our material handling solutions can be customized according to customer needs. We have cooperated with many countries in the world and purchased the pallet inverter from Fhope's industrial equipment company to ensure that it will live up to your expectations. We have been continuously producing innovative pallet inverters, which can give you benefits such as safety, speed, correct ergonomics, reduction of labor and cost, and active preventive measures against injuries and responsibilities.

Patent of the Pushing type pallet changer

We are proud to help people solve their problems 100%. Although our actual location is in China, we provide services to customers all over the world through our online consultation, and we have many commodities to strengthen the material processing process.

Fhope is committed to producing high-quality machines and providing you with a perfect workplace. If you have any questions about finding a suitable tray inverter, please call 0086-21-57871865 or get the quotation online. We have professionals who can guide you to find the most suitable machine for you.

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