automatica copper coil strapping machine

Fhopepack offers a range of automatic coil strapping systems that can handle copper, steel, and aluminum coils using either PET or steel belt strapping material. These systems are designed with a rotary turntable that can wrap the coil in 3 or 4 straps, providing secure protection during transportation and storage.

The coil strapping systems can be operated in either semi-automatic or fully automatic mode, allowing for efficient handling and strapping without the need for manual labor.

The hydraulic station, PLC, and HMI program control ensure that the strapping process is precise and consistent, minimizing the risk of damage to the coil during wrapping.

Hydraulic strapping head with strapsfeeders to feed steel straps around the coil. The hydraulics are used to tighten and secure the straps. Programmable logic controller (PLC) to automatically control the strapping sequence and tightness. The PLC can store different profiles for coils of various diameters and thicknesses. Human machine interface (HMI) with touch screen for operating the machine and modifying strapping profiles.

The coil delivery device is an essential component of the system, as it positions the coil correctly for strapping and protects it from damage during handling. The technical team at Fhopepack has developed specialized coil delivery devices that are tailored to the specific needs of each customer, ensuring maximum efficiency and protection during the packaging process.

Straps guide rollers and tracks to direct the straps around the coil edges and ends.

Tension sensors to ensure even and adequate tightness of straps around the coil. The PLC modifies the hydraulics based on the tension readings.

Cutting tool to cut the excess straps after securing the coil. Some machines also have strapend sealers.

Safety features such as light curtains, emergency stop buttons, overload sensors, etc.

Optional coil tilting mechanism to allow strapping at an angle for small diameter coils. This provides more even strap tensioning.

Weather protected enclosure for outdoor use. Insulated enclosure for cold temperatures.

Strapping capacity usually ranging from 50 to 200 tons depending on the machine size.

Often customized to suit specific customer requirements regarding coil size ranges, production rates, etc.

Can operate in automatic, semi-automatic or manual modes depending on the flexibility required.

The key benefits of an automatic copper coil strapping machine are higher productivity, more consistent quality, reduced wastage and lower operator dependency. Does this help explain the features and working of an automatic copper coil strapping machine? Let me know if you have any other questions.

Overall, Fhopepack’s automatic coil strapping systems offer a reliable and efficient solution for the packaging of various types of coils, ensuring that they are properly protected during transportation and storage.

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