automatic hose and pipe winder

automatic pipe coiling machineautomatic pipe coiling machine


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 automatic  pipe coiling machine & winder machines from Fhopepack offer;

1. Ease operation and maintenance with HMI and PLC.

2. Coiling size easy changing.

3.  Automatic counting the length of the tube

4.  Automatic cutting the length

5. Automatic strapping the coiling and out feeding in winder.

Hose and pipe winder

Automatic coiler and winder can be a simple device of metalwork in hose packing line, It is a coiling equipment for hose, pipe.

As is with all of coiling machines with autoamtic strapper, every device is marked with special function drawing issue that is performing a coiling packaing application.

The machine designed for coiler and wrapper is for shrink wrap also

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