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Copper company produces a wide range of polyurethane boards or sandwich panels for various purposes.

The problems encountered during the transportation of the insulation panels that we produce ,are the folds which are created on the outer surface of the panels and the bending of the whole panels.

We are convinced that these problems may be solved by using an automatic wrapping system of winding type.


The dimensions of the insulation panels and boards that we produce ,are:

Width: 1000-1200mm

Length: 600-12000mm

Thickness: 40-100mm

Please let us have your quotation for the system required.

Please find attached for your information, our company profile.

Thanking you in advance,


Our goal of copper coil strapping machine is not merely to strap the coil, but designing per the stretch film handling.

We are committed to the delivery of quality machine which is contribute to the completion of your packaging projects.



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