Automatic aluminum coil strapping machine


The automatic aluminum coil strapping machine:

You can find strapping machine solution for your aluminum coil from OD:500-2000mm, width:10-400mm. It is a new designing strapping station work for process to replace the manual work.


  1. 客户需求 Coil strapping machine requirement

钢丝卷缠绕包装  Aluminum coil strapping machine fractures in following list

钢丝卷Aluminum coil 外径 (英寸) coil OD 内径 (英寸)COIL ID 宽度 (英寸) 重量 (kg)
1 23 14 10 100
2 30 22 6 100
3 32 19 10 250
4 25 18 5 100
5 41 31 16 500





  1. 报价机型 The strapping information


型号 Wrapper 400-主机可移动-外穿型 coil strapping machine with orbital
供电 415V, 50Hz, 3phases (英国标准)
控制电压 24V DC
压缩空气 6-8bar
噪音 <79dB
转环速度 Strapping speed 20-80 RPM (变频调速)
辊子转速 Supprotive roller of strapping machine 2000-4000mm/min
控制 strapping control Delta PLC

Strapping material: PET and PP.

Aluminum coil loading: 2T


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