copper coil packing machine and wrapping solution

The copper coil packing machine has various functions and designs for packaging solutions, as followed.

Size and weight handling capability: The machine should be able to handle copper coils and steel coils up to 10 tons weight as mentioned. The platform size and construction should be suitable for the coil sizes you want to pack and wrap.

Automatic packing material feed and cut: An automatic system to feed the packing/wrapping material and cut it to the required length for each coil will reduce manual input. Constant tension winding system with automatic film cutting to required wrap length for each coil. This ensures consistent quality and speed and higher productivity.

Programmable control: A programmable logic controller (PLC based control system with programs) with storage for different coil size programs will allow easy switching between different coils and optimized packing steps for each coil type. It will allow quick changeovers between coil types and optimized packaging steps for each coil. User-friendly interface with minimal manual controls.

Customizability: The machine design should be customizable for different coil sizes, weights and space requirements of the workshop. Adjustable components and mounting points will facilitate customization.

Easy to use: The machine should have an easy to use interface with minimum manual controls required, for swift and safe operation. Emergency stop switches and other safety features should also be adequately provided.

Material handling capacity: Can handle copper coils upto a specified maximum weight (typically 10 tons for copper coils) and dimensions. The platform size and construction should be robust enough for the coil sizes.

Trolley: A loading trolley integrated with the machine will allow easy movement and positioning of the copper coils for packing and wrapping. Available for providing a trolley for easily loading, unloading and moving the coils will make the machine more user-friendly.

Safety: Features like emergency stop buttons, safety switches, light curtains, etc. for personnel safety during machine operation.

Sealing (optional): For coil sealing, a heat sealing system or adhesive applicator can be included. This protects the coil from damage and environmental exposure during storage and transit.

Adjustable components: Design using adjustable rolls, rails, clamps for customizing the machine for various coil dimensions and handling requirements. Easily changeable mounting brackets.

Coil packing machine