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Fhope Series: Pallet stretch wrapping machine

Chinese pallet wrapping machine



Pallet stretch wrapping machines in China Fhope is used to wrap stretch film around pallet loads. The film provides a extra support when the products are transported and storaged to protect the looks from damaged. Additionally , wrapped loads can be easily separated and identified. Pallet wrapping machine is widely adopted in chemical industr and, electronic industry, building materials, home appliances, papermaking foodstuff and drink etc.


Fhope’s series of pallet stretch wrapping systems are leading innovation semi-automatic and fully-automatic pallet stretch wrapping equipment. Flexible enough in function to handle a variety of load sizes. That's the special point of our pallet wrapping machine. The machines are durable enough to keep your warehouse clean and in order, and run well year after year by easily operation and maintaince.


The Reasons of You Will Benefit From Our Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine


1. Higher packaging speed

Fhope’s stretch wrapping machines are designed for higher packaging speed, cost efficiency and reliable quality. Wrapping speed is up to 30 loads per minute.


2. The Fhope Advantage

The trustfrul partner in China is us-Fhope, manufacturer and provide custom made service machine with rich experience. Oure commitment isto help you with suitable packing solutions.


3. Professional Training And After Service Equipment Support

Fhope equipment expert team will train your staff on-the-spot to operate and manage your stretch wrapping packing systems safely and efficiently. The in-time after service will be ready for your equipment to provide reliable and professional support at anytime.



Control Mode Semiauto Auto
Max load size(mm) 1200 (L)×1200(W) ×2400(H)
Turntable diameter 1500mm
Max load weight(Kg) 2000
Power supply 220V 50HZ 1Phase
Power (KW) 1.5 1.5 1.5
Machine weight(Kg) 700 700 700
Turn table speed(rpm) 3-12rpm 3-12rpm 3-12rpm
Tension control Mechanical Pre-stretch Pre-stretch
Height control Manual Sensor Sensor
Packing speed 20-40 loads/h base on load

 Other machines:

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rotate arm stretch wrapper

robot pallet wrapper

Turntable pallet wrapping machine   

The pallet stretch wrapper can wrap both regular and irregular pallet loads. The loading capacities is up to 2000kg.We can offer the right system to fit your requirement.

  Rotate arm pallet wrapping machine   

It's the most efficiency rotate arm pallet wrapping machine in China. Various solutions: ring stretch wrapping machine, rotate wrapping machine...


 Pallet wrapping machine -A300

 Our sales, equipment service, customer service and engineer departments can help you to design the optimum protective pallet wrapping machine to replace the manual work.



Pallet Stretch Wrapper Features:
Fhope pallet stretch wrappers are available in a variety of designs, including turntable, rotary arm and orbital. By our stretch wrapper, weighing, labeling can be combined into one equipment. Integrat weighing scale and digital indicator with stretch wrapping machine turntable.
Fhope has standard type stretch wrapper in warehouse for dispatching and specialized in freedom design by custom operation requirement. 
We will take our professional team, more than 10,000 commissioning experience, to create pallet stretch wrapping equipment as your specification and packaging need.


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