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FHOPE supplies coil handle solution, not only packing machinery. Fhope is more than please to assist your requirement during the analysis handling goal, helping you to find the right solution for operation process. our Coil tilter,coil upender was applied for following industries.

Upender/tilter is usually for handling the coils, mould, roll... 


1.Steel coil industry

2. Wire coil industry

3.Aluminum coil industry

4.Copper coil industry

5.Mould industry

6.Wheel spool


FPCT series coil upender or coil tilter mainly apply to turn the objects. It widely used in the module up-ending, coil turning, mould upending...



1.  Special double chain drive, oblique gear and worm speed reducer.

2.   Four-roller device wrapped with polyamide adhesive.

3.   Inverter controls, Fast ,stable and safe

4.   Two displacement restrictors adopted to grantee a safety operation

5.   Automatically locking at any angle in emergency stop.

6.   Electronic panel control

7.   Foundation loading adjustment.

8.  Working table designing according size of products.

9.  Strong and firm structure



  FPCT-03 FPCT-05 FPCT-10 FPCT-30
Voltage (V/Hz) AC 380/50( or your requirement)
Power (KW) 1.3 2.0 3.5 8.5
Max.Loading (T) <3 <5 <10 <30
Turning speed (min/set) 20-40 20-40 20-40 20-50

 The most important features in advanced coil tilter/upender engineering is to achieve continuous safety operation in an any kind of environment. Heavy product must be handling properly to avoid improperly injure or damaged. Environmental factors such as temperature and humidity can't affect product handling. With Fhope upender technology, the machine is reliable and strong. New innovations for 2014 represent important advances in achieving continuous operations, error-free loads, energy efficiencies, and advanced safety.


coil upender and tiltelr

Upender/tilter + coil wrapping machine


upender/tilter with track and conveyor

Upender/tilter + track


hydraulic tilter, hydraulic upender

Hydraulic upender/tilter for steel coil


coil car

Steel coil transfer car




1. Place the coil tilter/upender in the corresponding neat melt pit; keep the working surface of the machine leveled with the ground
2. Connect the power supply according to the requirement of the nameplate, and make sure if it’s connected with the earth wire reliably.
3. Adjust the levelness of the coil tilter/upender, to make it stand in a horizontal state.
4. Check and make sure whether all the switch positions are appropriate and firm.
5. Install the external guardrail of the machine and fix it effectively.

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          copper coil packing machine  coil upender
       Copper coil wrapping machine

The advantage of the door packaging by door wrapping machine:1. Energy save

2. Material costs  lower 3. Easily maintaining.

4. Highly efficiency

                    Steel Coil tilter

 Our sales, equipment service, customer service and engineering departments can help you design the optimum protective coil tilter for your application




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