Automatic coiler | July 25, 2020

Automatic coiler for corrugated hose & plastic pipe

This is an automatic coiling machine for coiling and winding the pipe and hose. Automatic pipe dispenser Pipe winder per different speed, different pipe OD Automatic strapping machine with PP […]

automatic packing line | July 24, 2020

steel coil packing line with strapping machine video

The inline steel coil packing line with eye stretch wrapper, circumferencial strapping machines, radicial strapping machines… The coil packing line system with high lvevl automation: Level one, level two , […]

cable packing machine | July 22, 2020

Cable reel packing machine | FHOPEPACK

The cable reel packing machine is for automatic covering the stretch film on the surface of the cable reel and cable drum. Automatic cutting the film and clamper for automatic […]

Horizontal stretch wrapper | July 1, 2020

Automatic horizontal wrapper with film tension device

FHOPEPACK is good at design and manufacture customized horizontal orbital wrapping machine. This video is reference for profiles wrapping process when they have different and large specification range. FHOPE’s wrapping […]

Horizontal stretch wrapper | July 1, 2020

Master horizontal wrapping machine

FHOPE provides Master horizontal wrapping machine to enterprises. It’s available for customer’s large specification to pack. Functions: a. Automatic film covering to the ends of products b. Automatic film wrapping […]

Horizontal stretch wrapper | June 30, 2020

sofa chair sealing and wrapping film machine

FHOPE provies customers nice furniture packing machines for sofa, chair. Customization is available. The machine has two stages. a. film sealing b. film wrapping It will make furniture packing […]