Pallet stretch wrapper | May 19, 2020

Non pallet stretch wrapping machine

This non pallet wrapping machine is a suitable machine for wrapping cartons, cable drums and other rectangular and round small objects.

strapping machine | May 15, 2020

Automatic coil strapping machine

Special design for strapping coil shape products. Both for automatic and manual working mode. Fast and convenient for operation.

Automatic coiler | May 9, 2020

Automatic side sealing and shrinking machine

Fhope side sealing and shrinking machine has been wildly adopt to roll shape products packing such as carpet roll, fabrics, non woven surgical face mask material…..High capacity, high automation, human […]

Coil Packing Machine | April 22, 2020

Semi-auto horizontal coil wrapping machine

Horizontal coil wrapping machine for hose coils, wrapping machine can be woven bag and VCI paper and so on…

Automatic coiler | April 16, 2020

Full-auto palletizer for steel coils

Full-auto Palletizer for steel coils, layer by layer stacking on pallet moveable for further packing. The palletizer can be placed in the end of steel coil packing line.

Automatic coiler | April 10, 2020

Automatic hose winding and wrapping machine video

On-line hose/pipe auto winding into a coil, and auto wrapping packing with film. Auto feeding & cut off , without any manual operation.