Hose coil packing machine & pipe coil wrapping machines 2

Fhopepack offers a complete range of packaging solutions for hoses and pipes, including hose packaging lines and pipe coil packaging machines. These machines are designed to provide an efficient and automated solution for coiling, conveying, and wrapping pipes and hoses. The machines are equipped with automatic coil bagging features, further reducing labor costs and increasing efficiency.

In addition to pipe and hose wrapping machines, Fhopepack also manufactures sealing machines for coil shrinking and wrapping. These machines provide a reliable and efficient method for sealing and securing coils, ensuring that they are protected during transport and storage.

Fhopepack’s range of hose and pipe packaging solutions offer a comprehensive and automated approach to packaging, providing businesses with an efficient and cost-effective solution for their packaging needs. The machines are designed to save on labor costs and increase efficiency, ensuring that businesses can maximize their productivity and profitability.



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