Pallet Wrapper With Top sheet Dispensor

Fhope team design different pallet wrapper per different required.
Automatic top sheet dispensor and cutt off for full size packaging.

Don’t let dust, moisture and dirt ruin your pallet loads. Our Pallet Wrapper With Top sheet Dispensor can help you keep them safe and secure. This machine has a dual function: it wraps your loads with stretch film and covers them with a top sheet of plastic film. This way, you get a complete seal that protects your loads from the elements. You can also adjust the machine to suit your wrapping preferences, such as how many times the film goes around the load, how much it covers the top and bottom, and how much it overlaps. The machine works automatically and connects to your conveyor line easily. With our Pallet Wrapper With Top sheet Dispensor, you can wrap your pallets faster and better.

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