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Automatic steel pipe bundling and strapping line manufacturer


This automatic steel pipe bundling and strapping line efficiently bundles and straps steel pipes for safer and more economical handling, storage and transport. It can bundle and strap steel pipe bundles up to 12 meters long and weights of 5 metric tons.

The line includes a pipe bundler and strapping machine integrated with infeed and outfeed conveyors. Pipes are fed into the bundler, which aligns and bundles them using straps wrapped around the bundle at set intervals. The bundled pipes then move to the strapping machine, which wraps steel straps around the bundle and secures them with high-pressure tensioning heads.

The bundler uses adjustable strapping pitch and tension controls to configure bundling for different pipe characteristics and bundle shapes. It lifts bundled pipes onto a built-in scale to automatically determine the optimal number of straps for safe and secure bundling. The strapping machine also uses an electric tension gauge to ensure even tensioning of straps around each bundle.

Powerful AC motors drive all equipment including the bundler, strapping machine, conveyors and strapping/cutting systems. Programmable logic controls precisely coordinate operations and quality checks across the line. Most common steel strapping and bundling materials can be used based on pipe and bundle characteristics.

Bundling and strapping pipes offers significant benefits such as safer transport due to more secure bundles, reduced damage to pipes, higher throughput from automated operations and lower costs due to reduced manual labor. This line provides an affordable automatic solution for steel pipe manufacturers, processors, suppliers, construction companies and more needing to bundle and strap high volumes of pipes.

Rugged, durable and fully automatic, this steel pipe bundling and strapping line maximizes productivity, quality and cost efficiency. Its versatile and precise design securely handles bundling and strapping of a wide range of standard and non-standard steel pipe profiles, characteristics and bundle configurations. Programmability allows configuring the line for optimizing specific pipe bundling and strapping needs.

For fast, safe, secure and economical bundling and strapping of steel pipes, this heavy-duty automatic equipment line is the optimal choice. With solid construction, high-precision components and programmable controls integrated across the line, it delivers consistent quality bundling and strapping at maximum throughput and minimum costs. This line professionally prepares steel pipe bundles, ready for safe and efficient transportation and delivery.

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