automatic ductile iron pipe strapping and packaging line


The strapped nodular cast iron pipe bundles proceed to the adjustable out-feed conveyor for storage or dispatch. The conveyor can change bundle size and loading configurations based on truck dimensions and space optimization requirements for optimal loading efficiency.

The automatic nodular cast iron pipe strapping line eliminates the need for manual bundling using ropes, wires or straps. It accelerates speed, enhances safety and improves quality while reducing costs. Secured bundles also prevent product damage, breakage or theft, adding value during warehousing, shipping and at the point of sale.

A blend of automated and manual operations provides flexibility to suit various coil gauges, grades and volumes. However, for high volume operations, the full automation of the strapping line delivers unparalleled productivity and effectiveness. It is ideal for facilities producing over 100 tons of pipes daily.

The automatic nodular cast iron pipe bundle stacking and strapping line is an intelligent, ergonomic solution for bundling pipes swiftly, proficiently and without damage using durable steel straps. Contact us to learn more about automation benefits and customized solutions tailored to your unique material handling needs. We offer dedicated equipment as well as technical support and after-sales service to maximize productivity, safety, cost efficiency and product quality.

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