Automatic steel coil strapping and packaging line | FHOPE

The full-auto steel coil strapping and packaging line is a highly efficient and reliable solution for businesses that deal with steel coils of different sizes and shapes. The machine is designed to automatically strap and package steel coils, ensuring a smooth and efficient packaging process that saves time and labor costs.

The machine can be connected to the slitting line with 4 arms turnstile, making it easy to integrate into the overall production process. The automatic strapping is done using PET material, and the machine uses 4 belts/360 degrees to ensure that the strapping is tight and secure.

The slitting coil packing line includes weighing and coil stacking functions, ensuring that the coils are packaged and stacked properly for transportation and storage.

The coil packing machine in the packing line offers both manual and automatic working modes for flexible operation. The machine uses PLC and HMI for full automatic operation, and supports inputting coil OD/ID/Width/Overlap degree for customized packaging.

The machine’s supportive rollers lift the coil from the conveyor for wrapping, and manual positioning stops the coil at specific positions for wrapping. The supportive rollers are also automatic, ensuring a smooth and efficient packaging process. The wrap tension can be adjusted as needed, and a converter is used to adjust the packing speed according to requirements.

Overall, the full-auto steel coil strapping and packaging line is an excellent choice for businesses that need to package steel coils quickly, efficiently, and reliably. Its ease of use, flexible capabilities, and low maintenance requirements make it an ideal solution for a wide range of steel coil packaging applications. The HMI system makes different coil wrapping and packaging requirements easy to set, ensuring that the packaging process is optimized for each specific product.




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