Automatic Online plastic pipe bundle and bag packing machine manufacturer

Full-Automatic Online plastic pipe bundling strapping and bagging packing machine from FHOPE, be suitable for PPR/PVC/PE/CPVC pipes…

The Pipe Packer from Automated Solutions is an innovative inline system for bundling and bagging plastic pipes. As a leading supplier of automated packaging equipment, Automated Solutions designed the Pipe Packer to streamline plastic pipe operations and reduce labor costs for manufacturers, distributors and processors.

The Pipe Packer automatically collects coiled plastic pipes including polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polychloroprene (CR) and bundles them using durable strapping material. It can bundle pipes from 1 to 6 inches in diameter at speeds up to 60 bundles per minute. The machine uses tamper-proof, corrosion-resistant straps and precisely tensioned straps to securely bundle pipes without damage.

In addition to bundling, the Pipe Packer also remotely places bundled pipe coils into bags for weatherproof packaging, containment and easy transportation. Heavy-duty paper bags, mesh bags or polyethylene bags can be loaded into the Pipe Packer bagging dispenser based on specific needs. The Pipe Packer automatically opens, positions and closes bags around pipe bundles to ensure a barrier between bundles and the surrounding environment during storage and shipping.

The Pipe Packer significantly improves productivity by bundling and bagging pipes in a single automated process. It reduces labor costs, minimizes material requirements and decreases waste while delivering high volume with minimal effort. As an inline system, the Pipe Packer streamlines the overall plastic pipe packaging workflow for optimized efficiency, simplified job duties and affordable throughput.

Automated Solutions is dedicated to innovative, automated equipment that streamlines operations, reduces costs and maintains a superior quality standard. As an industry leader in plastic pipe bundling and bagging solutions, the Pipe Packer enables manufacturers, distributors and processors to boost productivity through automated packaging at minimum expense. The Pipe Packer provides an automated, economical solution for bundling and weatherproof bagging of coiled plastic pipes.

The Pipe Packer from Automated Solutions simplifies the pipe packaging process for optimized efficiency, minimized effort and maximum output at minimal cost. This innovative system is the compelling, cost-effective choice for any plastic pipe operation seeking to streamline workflow and increase productivity.

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