This is a video for automatic steel pipe packing and strapping machine.

automatic steel pipe packing and strapping machine


An automatic steel pipe packing and strapping machine is used to quickly bundle and strap steel pipes for transportation or storage. The machine works by first stacking multiple steel pipes of the same size and length. The pipes are loaded into the machine either manually or by a conveyor system. Once the pipes are stacked, the machine uses powered rollers or a robotic arm to compress and strap the bundle together. Strapping material, usually made of steel or plastic, is fed into the machine and wrapped around the pipe bundle before being sealed to secure the straps in place.

Some key features include: 1) A stacker to neatly arrange the pipes; 2) A compression system to apply pressure around the bundle; 3) Strapping dispensers to feed the strapping material around the bundle; 4) Sealing tools to lock the straps together; 5) Sensors and guides to properly align the strapping; 6) Programmable logic controller to automate the packing sequences. The strapped pipe bundles emerge tightly secured and ready for shipment. These machines can pack bundles more quickly and consistently than manual methods resulting in increased productivity and operational efficiency. Proper maintenance and safety precautions should always be followed when operating these machines.

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