Automatic steel coil strapping machine

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automatic steel coil strapping machine


This automatic steel coil strapping machine securely straps steel coils for safe and efficient handling, storage and transportation. It straps coil diameters from 18 to 72 inches and weights up to 5 metric tons.

The strapping machine automatically wraps and tensions steel straps around coils. It consists of a sturdy steel frame with a coil turntable, strap guiders and tensioners. Straps are fed through guiders and wrapped around the rotating coil until the desired number of straps are applied. Then the straps are tightened and cut to length.

High-pressure strapping heads tension the straps around the coil. An electric tension gauge ensures even and secure tightening of straps for each coil. Adjustable strap pitch allows configuring multiple narrow or wide straps based on coil characteristics and use. The machine lifts coils onto a built-in scale to automatically determine the ideal number of straps needed for safety and efficiency.

Dual AC motors power the strap guidance, tensioning and cutting systems for fast automatic operations. Programmable logic controls precisely coordinate all operations and quality checks. Optional coil centering cones can be installed for strapping non-standard coil diameters or shapes. Most common steel strap types can be used, including reusable straps.

Automatically strapping coils offers key benefits such as safer handling due to more secure coils, reduced coil damage, higher productivity by speeding operations and lower costs due to reduced manual labor. This strapping machine provides an affordable automatic solution for manufacturers, processors, service centers and distributors strapping a high volume of steel coils.

Rugged, durable and automatic, this steel coil strapping machine maximizes productivity, quality and cost efficiency. Its versatile and precise design securely handles a wide range of standard and non-standard coil sizes and shapes. Programmability allows configuring machine settings for optimizing operations based on specific coil characteristics and use.

For fast, safe, secure and economical steel coil strapping, this heavy-duty automatic equipment is the optimal choice. With solid construction, high-precision components and programmable controls, it delivers consistent quality and increased productivity at affordable costs. This strapping machine professionally straps steel coils, ready for any handling, storage or transportation needs.

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