Automatic strapping machine for ingots pallet packing

hanks for your email.

We at our factory have machine which prepares the bundles after casting. We are looking forward to mechanized solution of strapping.
We need a small say 1.5 Meter roller table at the same height as our bundling machine, there after we need a mechanized strapping machine.

Following are the details

Ingot size – Width 95mm (+/- 5), Length 555.75 mm (+/- 5), Height 47 mm (+/- 5)

Ingot weight 28 (+/- 4 ) Kg

Bundle – 6 Ingots in each layer and for some customers its 6 layers in a bundle and for some 5 layers in a bundle.

Rate of Production – Maximum 18 Bundles per hour

Hope this information is enough for you to propose some solution

Dear Mr.Singh,

Glad to reveive your inquiry.

As a manufacturer for automatic PET strapping machine we got solution for ingots packing.

Before offering a solution, i’d like to know following information.
1. the size your your ingots pallet and Max.Weight?
2. What is the packing speed requirement, how many pallet per hour?

I will sharing the video later.


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