Automatic Pallet Strapping and Packing Machine

The vertical strapping machine tl5st, with the front edge of the product, is placed transversely in the strapping head, enabling full automatic packaging of all dimension products and any industrial application, and it is possible to apply one or more vertical belts. The machine is made of solid carpentry, the core of the strapping structure. It utilizes modern technology and assembles suitable dimensions for welded steel sheets, taking into account the format and type of products being bundled. Construction, all steel, paint and / or protection, with proper surface treatment, to ensure proper protection under all environmental conditions. Like all our strapping machines, this model can also be customized with many devices, which makes the machine suitable for the production needs of several customers. Reasonable structure, simple and convenient maintenance. Since the model has been developed for the ceramic tile sector, the machine has been equipped with a system of manual vertical adjustments to accommodate the head to the proper height of the work.
Vertical strapping machines, vr70p equipped with strapping heads, can be used with polypropylene and polyester strapping, which is ideal for products of any size. The highest quality materials, such as recirculating ball rails and stamped deck stability, guarantee maximum efficiency and strength. At present, it is the only machine that allows control and adjustment of compression through a loading station.

Automatic Pallet Strapping and Packing MachineĀ 

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