Automatic hose coiling machine for hydraulic hose

To give you a background about our company and why we are looking at automatic coiling and packing machines; We are a hydraulic and industrial hose & fittings importer and wholesaler.

The hose we would mainly be using the machine for is hydraulic rubber hose reinforced with 1 – 6 high tensile steel wires, with the most common sizes ranging in OD from 13.00mm to approx. 50.00mm.

Our hose is imported in random lengths and we are looking to store the hose on dispensing racks and coil the hose off the dispensing racks to our customers requirement.

One example of a dispensing rack is as below.


Based on you table, I have selected a range of hoses we would be dispensing – however there are a much larger range of hoses to dispense;

Hose No. Hose OD Wall thickness How many meter per coil Hose coil OD Hose coil ID Hose coil width Coiling Speed
1  13.00mm  3.50 – 5.00  10 – 100+  250-300mm  100-200mm N/A – can be manual with a handle
2  35.3 – 38.30mm     5.00 – 7.00     10 – 80+  300-500mm  200-300mm N/A – can be manual with a handle
3  +- 70mm  8-10mm  3 – 20  700-1100mm  300mm + N/A – can be manual with a handle. May need to be separate equipment


Trust this all makes sense – look forward to your response.


Coil strapping machine with coiling equipment


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