This is video for panel bag packing machine

Panel bag packing machine


This machine makes panel whole sides sealed packed. All the edge of film are welded as a sealed bag. The package is nice, tidy and with good protection.

Automatic back sealing features:

1. Automatic bagging machine for filling the panel into bag.

2. Machine has welding/sealing for overlapped film at the bottom.

3. One heat blade for sealing the head &end of the package .

4. Automatic feeding the packing material, sealing, material recovering…

5. Two feed-in modes, auto/manual can be chosen.

6. Pushing device for feeding the short and light panels.

7. The height of sealing is adjustable for different products.

8. Automatic sealing and cutting error protection.

9. Adopts photoelectricity for inducing the products for fixing the position.

10. Speed of conveyor adjustable by converters.

11. According to different collocations for the machine and different products.

12. Smokeless sealing and packing material residual free.

13. Sealing system: permanently heated seal bar with easy-exchangeable sealing blade without odorous, temperature controlled and detected by PLC.

14. Automatic film feeding system with PE film roll.

15. Protect guardrail for safety operation.

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