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Steel coil packing machine and tapping machine for small coil


This steel coil packing machine efficiently packs steel coils for safer and more economical handling, storage and transportation. It packs steel coil diameters up to 36 inches and weights of 1 metric ton.

The packing machine wraps and tapes steel coils for secure shipping. It consists of a sturdy frame with coil supports, paper/stretch film roll mounts, tape dispensers and applicators. Small steel coils are loaded onto supports and held in place with adjustable arms for wrapping at any position.

Paper is fed under the coil and wrapped around its circumference using padded rollers, applying adhesive as needed. Stretch film is then wrapped over the paper wrap for added protection using the same process. Steel straps or tape are wrapped around the bundle and secured with tape applicators to prevent unraveling during transport.

Adjustable paper, film and strapping tensions allow optimizing protection based on coil sizes, weights and final uses. Perforated or non-perforated paper and stretch films can be used based on venting or containment needs. An upper unwind station and lower rewind station simplify using multiple rolls of each material. Coil dimensions and weights are automatically measured to ensure complying with shipping regulations.

Electric motors power equipment including rollers, tensioners, tape dispensers and applicators. Programmable logic controls precisely coordinate all steps—from loading/positioning coils to final strapping and taping. Materials include paper, stretch film, straps and tapes.

Packing steel coils offers benefits such as safer shipping due to highly secured bundles, reduced damage/claims, higher productivity from automation and lower costs. This machine provides an affordable solution for small coil manufactures, suppliers, distributors and shipping companies.

Heavy-duty, versatile and automated, this steel coil packing machine maximizes efficiency, quality and cost effectiveness. Its adjustable design securely packs a range of standard or custom coil sizes, dimensions and weights based on specific requirements. Programmability allows optimizing settings for maximum productivity, safety and savings on coil packing operations.

For fast, tamper-proof and economical packing of small steel coils, this machine is the optimal choice. With industrial construction, precision components and advanced controls, it delivers consistent quality packing at high volume and minimum waste or cost. This packing machine professionally prepares steel coil bundles, ready for safe and secure shipping.
Automated yet controlled wrapping and strapping provides a streamlined solution, reducing manual labor, claims and logistics expenses— for ultimate productivity, quality, safety and value on coil packing needs.

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