horizontal stretch wrapping machine for pipe coil,corrugated pipe

This is a machine that wraps pipe coil with stretch film. It can help to increase the efficiency of packing pipe coil. The package is nice, tidy and with good protection. It is space saving and easy to operate.

horizontal stretch wrapping machine for pipe coil,corrugated pipe

This high-speed horizontal stretch wrapping machine is designed for efficiently wrapping corrugated metal or plastic pipe coils. It offers an automated and secure wrapping solution to streamline packaging operations and reduce costs.

The machine features a sturdy steel construction with easy-to-use controls for operator convenience. It can wrap coil diameters from 18 to 72 inches and coil weights up to 5,000 pounds. The machine uses stretch film that is 1.25 to 3.3 mil thick for durable and water-resistant wrapping.

An AC variable frequency drive controls the throttle speed, providing stable operation and avoiding coil damage. The wrap cycle starts once a coil is loaded into position and the start button is pressed. Powerful wrapping arms then spin the coil around its central axis while tensioned stretch film is wrapped around it.

Two rotation rollers smoothly guide the stretch film over the rotating coil to ensure even coverage. The machine applies the wrapping film smoothly and tightly to lock the coil in tightly. Once wrapped, the coil can be promptly transported or stacked for storage.

Durable steel rollers and tension arms help keep film wrinkle-free and lead to neat, attractive wrapped packages. An overload safety switch prevents overloading damage to components. This coiling machine offers a cohesive, professional-looking package every time.

The horizontal stretch wrapping machine secures loads tightly for safe transportation with minimal material damage or deformation. Each wrapped coil is protected against dust, weather, tampering, and unraveling during storage or transit. This result-driven packaging solution improves operational efficiency, lowers costs, and enhances safety. The machine is an affordable investment that delivers high returns.

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