pipe coil paper and stretch film wrapping machine

pipe coil paper and stretch film wrapping machine


This horizontal stretch film wrapping machine efficiently wraps pipe coils using paper and stretch film for safer and more economical handling, storage and transportation. It can wrap pipe coil diameters up to 60 inches and weights of 2 metric tons.

The wrapping machine horizontally wraps paper and stretch film around pipe coils. It consists of a sturdy horizontal frame with coil supports, paper/stretch film roll mounts, and tensioning/cutting systems. Pipe coils are loaded onto the supports and positioned at one end of the frame. Paper is fed under the coil and wrapped around its circumference using padded rollers, applying adhesive as needed.

Stretch film is then wrapped over the paper wrap for added protection using the same process. Adjustable paper and film tension controls allow configuring materials based on coil characteristics and final uses. Perforated or non-perforated paper and stretch films can be used based on requirements such as allowing venting or preventing unraveling. A carousel design surrounds the coil with multiple stations for easier and faster paper and film wrapping.

Coil dimensions are automatically measured to ensure complying with transport regulations. Powerful stand-alone electric motors power the coil moving systems, paper/film feeding systems and cutting blades. Manual controls are used to move pipe coils between wrapping stations along the frame. A range of paper and stretch film types can be used based on coil andbundle characteristics.

Horizontally wrapping pipe coils using paper and stretch film offers significant benefits such as safer transport due to more protected coils, reduced damage to pipes, higher throughput from automated wrapping and lower costs due to reduced manual labor. This wrapping machine provides an affordable solution for pipe manufacturers, suppliers, construction companies and more needing to wrap high volumes of pipe coils.

Rugged, durable and versatile, this horizontal stretch film wrapping machine maximizes productivity, quality and cost efficiency. Its versatile design securely handles wrapping pipe coils of different diameters and weights using paper and stretch film combinations based on specific protection and transportation needs.

For fast, safe, secure and economical wrapping of pipe coils, this heavy-duty machine is the optimal choice. With a solid horizontal frame, high-precision components and adjustable controls, it delivers consistent quality wrapping at maximum throughput and minimum waste or costs. This wrapping machine professionally prepares pipe coil bundles, ready for safe transportation and delivery using optimal paper and stretch film protection.

With automated yet optimized paper and stretch film wrapping, it streamlines operations while reducing manual labor, damage and waste—for the ultimate in productivity, safety, quality and cost savings on pipe coil wrapping requirements.

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