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Quality control

Our company has passed the certifying of ISO9001: 2000 International Quality Control System. Adopting integrated Quality Control System to ensure perfect superintendence and control during the producing processes of the mechanical equipment. All the managers and staff in our company have formed the quality consciousness of “Customer is our God”, and we will provide our customers with the requirement of 100% spare and defective parts.
The Quality Control System in our company includes four processes of administrating duty, resource supervising, products realizing, measurement analyzing and improvement, and together with the PDCA circulation, which continuously improved the qualities of our products and services to achieve satisfaction from our customers.
Our Quality Guideline is: Administrating creativity, pursuit perfect, developing market and customer satisfaction.
In order to realize our Quality Guideline, we promise that customer satisfaction is the forever aim for our Fhope people to pursue. We will adopt the first classed technology and system, and as well as economical reasonable project to provide our customers with most reliable, most general and high quality packaging machinery products and relevant services.