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PVC Film


PVC means polyvinyl chloride, initially creates plastic wrap, also one of the most common material from produced in the early 1800s to now. PVC has famous application-in pipe. PVC pipe is often applied for sewage and water carriage. PVC plastic can be also be seen around us with a variety of other objects, clothes, flooring and packaging. In the packaging industry, PVC shrink wrap film is commonly used materials. PVC shrink wrap is considered as excellent situation for high speed machines and hand machine usage, used for years in the packaging industry and other industries, from CD to tray, door profiles. PVC shrink wrap is good for various packaging situations. Considered to be a great shrink film for top speed machines and by hand operated machines. PVC shrink film is generally present in centerfold rolls 500 foot., 1500 foot., 2000 foot. measures and a multitude of widths. We presently provide a 75 ga. along with a 100 ga. PVC shrink film in multiple widths. Obviously, transparent PVC shrink wrap is probably the most common, but colored shrink wrap can be used in a number of industries to assist items stick out in stores.




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