Semiauto stretch orbital wrapping machine Semiauto estirável orbital wrapping machine

Aluminum Wrapping Machine is a sub-category of the Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machine, designed specifically to wrap aluminum profiles. This machine is commonly used in the manufacturing and transportation of aluminum profiles, ensuring that they are properly protected and secure during transit.

The machine operates similarly to the Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Machine, but with specific adjustments to handle the unique shape and size of aluminum profiles. The aluminum profiles are placed horizontally on the machine’s conveyor, and the wrapping material is wrapped around them, ensuring a tight and secure fit.

The use of the Aluminum Wrapping Machine offers several benefits to manufacturers and distributors of aluminum profiles. It provides a high level of protection against damage during transportation and storage, preventing costly product losses. Additionally, it allows for efficient and cost-effective packaging of aluminum profiles, improving productivity and reducing labor costs.

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