C Hook For Steel Coil Handling

c hook for steel coil handling
c hook for steel coil handling

The C Hook is an indispensable tool crafted for the streamlined handling of steel coils, ensuring operational efficiency in the materials handling sector.

It is designed to work in conjunction with a coil upender, providing a secure grip and effortless rotation from horizontal to vertical positions.

This enhances the ease of transportation and storage of steel coils, which are often encased in protective strapping and oil-treated surfaces for safe transit.

Ideal for use in warehouses and during loading and unloading from trucks, the C Hook is a vital component in the handling process, offering a reliable solution for manipulating heavy steel coils without compromising on safety or productivity.

c hook for steel coil handling2
c hook for steel coil handling2

Product Specifications:

Interior diameter: Minimum and Maximum:20” to 24”

• Outside diameter: Minimum and Maximum 30”-80”

• Coil width: Minimum and Maximum 16”–72”

• Weight to load: Minimum and Maximum in Kilograms. Max 30 ton

• Position in which the coil will be handled: horizontal eye or vertical eye. Horizontal Eye

• The coil material is steel, correct? please confirm. STEEL

• Describe the characteristics of the coil (for example, if it comes tied, greasy, hot, etc…) Strapped Rolls, papered (Plastic) and with an oiled surface

• Describe where the coils are taken from (a truck, warehouse, etc.) and where they will be moved: They are taken from a crosshead, from trucks and from the warehouse.

c hook for steel coil handling3
c hook for steel coil handling3
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