Automatic plastic pipe coiler and strapping machine

Automatic plastic pipe coiler and strapping machine

FHOPE is a leading manufacturer of pipe coiler and strapping packing machine. Their machine, the FC-2000, is an innovative solution for coiling and packaging plastic pipes including polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP).

The FC-2000 automatically coils and straps plastic pipe at high speeds up to 100 meters per minute. It can process pipes from 20 to 400mm in diameter, reducing overall coiling time and costs. The machine features synchronized unwinding with tension control, ensuring straps are applied evenly around each coil. It uses tamper-proof steel straps and can apply 2 straps per coil for maximum security during handling and storage.

In addition to automatic coiling, the FC-2000 also provides automatic pipe cutting to the desired length. This allows for customizable coil dimensions based on specific needs or job requirements. The cutting system uses precision knives and guides to cut pipes smoothly and accurately. Operators simply input the desired pipe length into the FC-2000 control panel and it will coil and cut the pipes to the specified size.

The FC-2000 produces tightly wound, securely strapped coils that improve efficiency in warehousing, logistics and transportation. The durable coils reduce damage and product wastage while streamlining overall pipe management. The machine is built to the highest standards using heavy-duty, metal components for long-term industrial use. It also includes safety features like emergency stop buttons, light barriers and overload protection.

FHOPE is committed to innovative, automated solutions that optimize operations, reduce costs and ensure a superior product quality. As a leading provider of automatic pipe coiling and strapping systems, the FC-2000 is an excellent choice for plastic pipe manufacturers, processors and distributors looking to boost productivity through efficient coiling and packaging. The FC-2000 improves safety, simplifies job requirements and minimizes manual labor for a streamlined workflow and affordable, high-quality end results.

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