Wire rod stretch wrapper and coil packing machine


Wire coil stretch wrapper from Fhopepack
Wire coil stretch wrapper from Fhopepack

Other question:

In your offer for the Project OR, the trolley is included in your scope of supply? This trolley has a rotation system moving the coil in different speeds?

I wait to receive your answer and also the answers to the wire rod coil wrapping machine questions made

Please also confirm in the mentioned offer of the project OR that the offered wrapping machine can wrap with the two materials these size of wire coils because is very important to confirm it:

  • Width of wire coil: 400-900mm
  • OD of wire coil: 650-1000mm
  • ID of wire coil:350-600mm
wire coil stretch wrapper
wire rod coil packing
No. 3: Since the wire coil packing machine has not been put into production yet, I will apply to our manager and engineer to widen conveyors which can handle your products up to 610mm or 650mm wide for free.

The KR and OR wire coil packing projects are going forward but GY and AI projects are stopped. So we would like to know the following information for KR and OR projects:

  • The width of the coil in KR project is 1000mm and in OR is more or less 900mm. When you send us firstly the offers you gave us the GD series wrapping machine, so I would like to have the confidence that with this machine we can apply the wrapping to those wire coils. Please confirm that is possible.
  • Which is the cycle time to wrap one coil in KR and OR projects?
  • Which will be the approx. increase in the price for both projects if we add Profibus connection and the automata Siemens S7-300?
  • Which will be the approx. increase in the price if we use different consumables brands as SMC, SEW?
No. 7: Ok, we will palletized the film well. And we will handle this when machine is ready.
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