PC wire stretch wrapping and packing machine

We are helping customer find the solution in packing machinery which works packing big PC WIRE coil.

Stretch film, paper and PP belt can be used to packing

The handling is easy and safety for operator.

The machine is for PC wire coil  wrapping eye to sky packing.

Packing material get through the ID for packing.


Customize OD packing: OD: 1500-2500mm


Max. Loading; 1-5T。

• Semi-automatic coil packaging machine – These machines include a rotating arm that applies stretch film to the coil while an operator loads carton boxes and dunnage material. They are suitable for coils up to 3000-4000mm in diameter.

• Automatic coil wrapper and packer – Fully automated machines that can apply stretch film, apply top sheets, load cartons and dunnage, and seal the carton. They can handle coils up to 3000mm in diameter.

• Vertical coil wrapper – The coil is loaded vertically and rotated while the wrapping arm applies the film. Good for large diameter coils. Safety guards help protect the operator.

• Rotating turntable wrapper – The coil rests on a turntable that rotates 360 degrees while the wrapping arm applies the film. Suitable for heavy weight coils.

• Safety features like light curtains, mats and emergency stops should be included to protect the operator.

• Simple, intuitive controls are best for ease of use. Touchscreen controls are ideal.

• Unwinder and tensioning systems should be able to handle the large film widths required for big coils.

• Coil lifters and dunnage systems will be needed to properly pack the heavy coils into cartons.

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