Semiauto orbital stretch wrapper video



Orbital Stretch Wrap Machine wraps your product or service directly to the pallet.As opposed to a typical stretch wrapper or stretch wrap machine that wraps product-to-merchandise, the TAB WRAPPER TORNADO secures the burden for the pallet having a protective covering of film supplying better stableness and safety for each and every delivery – even oddsized loads.

Improve packing and shipping effectiveness

Lower your material cost and labor charges

Place a stop to freight damage promisesWraps

standard, irregularly and oversizedshaped lots without any restrictions.Wraps

around a horizontal axis, in contrast to a traditional stretch-wrapper or shrink place machine that wraps about a top to bottom axis.

Item may be wrapped confidently with out removing the pallet from the forklift or through the consumption of a conveyor system.

Firmly fastens any fill to the pallet without having to use banding or strapping.

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