profile orbital stretch wrapper packing line

A profile orbital stretch wrapper packing line is used for automated wrapping of long products like aluminum profiles, steel beams, pipes, etc. Some key points about these packing lines:

  • An orbital stretch wrapper uses stretch filmand an orbital wrapping motion to tightly and evenly wrap the products. This provides very secure and durable wrapping.
  • Profilesorbital stretch wrapper lines are designed to handle the dimensions and shapes of long structural profiles. They can wrap products of substantial lengths, widths and irregular cross-sections.
  • These lines typically consist of a turntable or turning platform to rotate the products, a film carriageto feed the stretch film, and wrapper arms/rollarms that orchestrate the wrapping motion using servo controls. They also include controls, PLC and safety features.
  • The wrapping can be done in a single layer or multiple layers for extra coverage. Overlaps in the wrapping prevent any exposure or damage to the products’ surface. Tight wrapping minimizes the possibility of profile movement or collapse during storage/transit.
  • Common types of stretch film used include polyethylene (PE) film and polypropylene (PP) film. Thicker gauge films, around 50-100 microns, can better handle the size and weight of profiles. Perforated or tear-off trailers help access the wrapped pack.
  • These lines can pack profiles of height up to 6-15 meters or more depending on the model. Load capacity varies from 1 to over 10 tonnes which suits a wide range of profile sizesand weights. taller profiles and higher loads mean higher cost.
  • Profiles orbital stretch wrapper lines provide efficient, durable and economical packing for storing and shipping long structural profiles. They help prevent damage, corrosion, soiling and dimensional instability during transportation and storage.
  • Uses include packing aluminum, steel, PVC and other profiles used in constructions, industrial manufacturing, metalworking and other industries that work with long profile shapes.
  • These high-end packing lines require installation in warehouses or manufacturing facilities. Portable profile wrapping machines provide more compact solutions but with lower capacity and automation.
horizontal orbital stretch wrapper

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