horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machines

Following is the information about the horizontal orbital wrapping machine for different package and different packing requirement.

The solution is from semiauto to automatic, from wrapping to film strapping, from four sides wrapping to full six sides wrapping…

wrapping for long shape packages.

The machine designed for furniture packing

The orbital wrapper not only for wrapping, also programmed for film strapping.

Small orbital wrapper for box wrapping

More information:


Horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machines are a type of machinery used to wrap products with stretch film or other packaging material for storage or transportation purposes. These machines use an orbital wrapping method, which involves rotating the product while it is being wrapped, to ensure that the film is applied evenly and securely.

The machine typically consists of a rotating platform, a film carriage, and a control system. The product is placed on the platform and the film is attached to the product. The machine then rotates the platform, wrapping the film around the product as it turns. The tension and overlap of the film can be controlled by the machine’s programmable controls.

Horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machines can be used to wrap a variety of products, including furniture, panels, pipes, metal profiles, and other long, narrow items. They can be especially useful for wrapping products that are difficult to wrap with other methods, such as irregularly shaped items or items with protrusions.

Some common features of horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machines may include:

Programmable controls: The machine may be controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) or other computer-based system, allowing the user to set wrapping parameters such as wrapping speed, film tension, and wrapping patterns.

Adjustable wrapping height: The machine may be equipped with a height-adjustable platform, allowing it to accommodate products of different sizes.

Safety features: The machine may be equipped with safety sensors or guards to prevent injury or damage to the machine.

Film carriage system: The machine may feature a film carriage system that automatically attaches, cuts, and applies the film to the product.

Overall, horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machines can be a valuable investment for businesses that need to wrap large quantities of products on a regular basis. By automating the wrapping process, these machines can help to save time and reduce labor costs, while also ensuring that the products are properly protected during transit.

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