orbital stretch wrapper for panel and profile with stretch film

Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper for wooden, panel, profile
1. Material rotate around the coil: it has a limit for the material roll diameter,because the whole material should run through the coil center.
since the minimum ID of your coil is 340mm,the material roll diameter should be within 200mm.
when the material roll is small,it will be used up soon,and may need frequent replacement of material.

Orbital stretch wrapper for panel and tray
Orbital stretch wrapper series
2.Material installed on supporter(as in the offer): it has no limit for the material roll diameter.
Material diameter can be 250mm or 400mm.
No need to replace the material frequently.
After checking, after loading our orbital stretch machine, the container(20GP) will only have space about L2800×W2300×H2300mmm.
Hi Peter, if you can palletized those screws into 4 pallets, it will be perfect. Because Betty says you have 12 pallets and each pallet is L1160×W830×H760mm. We are sure that this container can not hold 12 pallets and our machine. By the way, could you send me some pictures of your palletized screws? Can we put cartons of screw into the container directly instead of palletized?

Actually we don’t need packing machine and orbital wrapper  right now, we need only stretch film quotation for 20’ FCL container by pellets, kindly check with your stretch film supplier for the approx qty in 20’ container with best CIF Riyadh price and resend quotation based on 20’ container.


Yes,it’s two different wrapping material release mode:
They are only different in the material install structure,the packing function and performance are the same.


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